Get in Touch with the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

With the pressures of modern life and extended working hours, emotional and physical strain has become part of our lives. If these strains are left ignored and untreated, these can give rise to chronic pain and the symptoms can worsen. As many Canadians become more health conscious, many people are turning to massage therapy in Winnipeg, MB to relieve stress and pain. Gone are the days when massage therapy is only available in luxury spas and health clubs. It is now offered in clinics, hospitals and business establishments. Read on and get in touch with the health benefits of massage therapy.

  • Lowers Stress

Corydon Physiotherapy and Massage TherapyStress caused by traffic congestion on your way to the office can be temporary in nature. There are people who suffer from chronic stress due to financial problems, hectic work schedules or family problems. The long-term effects of stress can take their toll in our body. Human touch can be therapeutic and relaxing. The hand and touch techniques involved in massage therapy can help lower stress.


  • Neutralizes All The Sitting You Do

Long hours of sitting in front of the computer or in your work desk can cause pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Pain and weakness in the lower back may be manifestations of postural stress. At Corydon Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy, one of the things that will be initially checked is your posture, movement and imbalance. Massage therapy can help neutralize the imbalance caused by long periods of sitting. If you schedule a regular massage, it will help minimize pain and you may be able to keep your desk job.


  • Eases Muscle Pains

Pain can negatively affect our quality of life. It causes less activity, which in turn causes more stiffness. As massage therapy helps in improving and increasing circulation, it eases muscle pains. A professional massage therapist will apply the right pressure on the affected muscles to release tension. Your therapist will use different techniques like stroking, rubbing and applying pressure to the muscles to revert them to their relaxed state. Research shows that massage therapy is as effective as other treatments for pain and it plays a vital role in pain management.


  • Improves Sleep

Massage promotes relaxation and a restful sleep. It also helps infants sleep more and cry less. The care and comfort touch therapy brings makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.


  • Boosts Immunity

Studies show that massage therapy boosts the body’s white blood cell count that plays a role in defending the body from diseases. Massage therapy helps restore normal blood circulation and increases the activity level of the body’s natural cells that fight off viruses.


  • Improves Physical Fitness

touch therapyWhether you are a professional or an amateur athlete, you can benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension, improve physical performance, and prevent injuries.


Massage therapy not only helps you relax, it also offers a number of health benefits. If you have never tried a therapeutic massage therapy or have not gotten one in a long time, it may be time to consider massage therapy in Winnipeg, MB.

Live A Healthy Life With Massage Therapy

Are you feeling stressed? Do you feel like you just need to unwind and relax for a while? Massage therapy may just be the right thing for you to get rid of all the stress and tension in your body. After a massage therapy session, you will feel much more relaxed and at peace. Aside from relaxation, massage therapy have more health benefits than you can imagine.

massage therapyMassage therapy has been part of medicine for thousands of years and has been an important aspect in healing and optimum health. This technique involves applying pressure to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body through a variety of rubbing motions. This alternative medicine is able to treat pain, headache, fatigue, and stiffness in the neck, arms, legs, or back,

A therapeutic massage therapist is a trained professional who assesses and determines the nature of the problem and the course of action to be taken. The therapist will check posture, movement, and use hands-on techniques to assess every patient’s condition.

How It’s Done

On your fist visit, you will be asked to complete a short case-history form. Items on this form will be discussed to assess muscle and skeletal motion and function. You and your therapist will come up with a plan of treatment to meet your goals and needs.

During treatment, the massage therapist will need to apply lotions, creams, or oils to make the contact between the therapist’s hands and your skin more soothing and calming.  Since you will have to be almost completely naked, it is recommended that patients wear shorts, undergarments or bathing suits. You do not have to worry since massage therapists are professionals who will respect your privacy and treat you with modesty. They will ensure that a sheet or a towel appropriately covers you and the only part uncovered is the part the therapist is working on.

Types of Massages

  1. Swedish Massage – This is the most common form of massage therapy. The therapist will often use various gentle motions, long strokes, tapping, and vibrations to remove the stress from various muscles and parts of the body. If you are someone who has to stand or sit for most of the day, the Swedish massage therapy may be the right therapy for you.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage – The therapist will apply slower and more powerful strokes to gain access to those hard to reach muscles and connective tissues of the body. This therapy is often used to correct muscle damage that occurred from an injury.
  3. Sports Massage Therapy – The techniques used for this therapy are similar to those used in Swedish massage but they target the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are commonly used when playing sports. This therapy uses various trigger points to release tension from specific points of your body.
  4. Trigger Point Therapy – This therapy uses more forceful manipulations to target tight muscles fibers that often develop when the muscles have been excessively used or damage. It uses various trigger points to release tension from specific points of your body.


physiotherapyWhile massage therapy is largely thought to be a part of complementary medicine, it offers so many benefits that it is now being used in conjunction with other medical treatment. If you are someone who needs to relax and rest your overstrained muscles, massage therapy can save you from years of chronic pain.